Duty and Desire

edited by Kristina Wright

Interview- J.K. Coi

J.K. Coi’s “Out of Time” is an against all odds kind of story about two people who meet under the worst of circumstances and fight to be together no matter what comes.

What is it about military heroes that you find appealing?
I’ve always been drawn to strong, heroic types and the strongest and most heroic figures in our contemporary lifetime are the men and women who serve in the military around the world. They make sacrifices so that we don’t have to. They put themselves in danger, so that we’ll be safe. How could you not find everything about that appealing? J
If this was your first time writing a military-themed story, what inspired you and what did you find challenging about it?
Yes, it was my first time writing a military-themed story, but when I saw the call for submissions, my cousin, who is a corporal in the Canadian army, was home. I picked his brain one night and inspiration struck!
There’s nothing like a man/woman in uniform. True or false?
Absolutely true! There’s just something about that uniform that screams strengthhonor, and epic hotness!
What are you working on now and where can we find out more about you?
I have a couple of projects on my plate! In the next few months, readers will see the return of my Immortals series, which has been out of print for the last few years but is being re-released! I’m very excited about it.
I’m also editing a scary zombie novella about a soldier returning from the war to find that there’s more danger in his hometown than on any battlefield…
And I’m hoping to get started soon on book 3 in my Seasons of Invention series. Dark, emotionally-charged, action-packed steampunk!
JK Coi
Twitter: @jkcoi

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