Duty and Desire

edited by Kristina Wright

Interview- Elizabeth L. Brooks

Elizabeth L. Brooks’ “Dead on Her Feet” is sweet and sexy homecoming story that demonstrates the all-too-true adage, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

Why did you choose the particular setting/military branch for your story?
If this was your first time writing a military-themed story, what inspired you and what did you find challenging about it?
I’m not military myself, but my Day Job is as a military contractor, and my office supports military bases all over the world. In particular, I’ve heard a lot of stories about the difficulties of traveling in and out of the Middle East, even with our military customers’ best support. It’s not just that it’s a long way to go, but you end up changing transports a lot of times before you finally get where you’re going. The longest travel story I ever heard was more than 48 hours from setting out from the base housing to finally arriving back home (and I was assured that far longer tales were out there). Given how zombie-like I feel after less than ten hours of vacation travel, I couldn’t resist the challenge of trying to imagine — and then accurately capture for the reader — the state of utter exhaustion someone must feel after one of these treks.
What is it about military heroes that you find appealing?
Physically, it’s the uniforms, of course. Especially the dress uniforms. They seem specially designed to show off strong shoulders, built biceps, and perfectly toned backsides — on men and women both, I might add. Yum! To that gorgeous physical picture, you add a person who’s committed and dedicated, which is pretty dang appealing all on its own. The combination is just irresistible!
What are you working on now and where can we find out more about you?

Right now I’m editing an anthology of zombie apocalypse erotic romance (no, really!) and writing several different stories.

You can keep track of my adventures in wordsmithing at my blog, EveryWorldNeedsLove.blogspot.com, or on my Facebook page www.facebook.com/EveryWorldNeedsLove.


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