Duty and Desire

edited by Kristina Wright

Interview- Craig J. Sorensen

Craig J. Sorensen’s military background makes for a richly detailed story of two lonely people who turn to each other for sex and find so much more in “The Grunt and the Ditty Bop.”

Do you have a connection to the military?

I served in the US Army from February 1980 – February 1984.  My family has a long history of military service:  My brother served during Vietnam, my father served during Korea, my grandfather on my mother’s side was in World War 1, as was my grandmother on my father’s side, who was in the the Women’s Auxiliary of the British Army.  None of us were career soldiers, but we all tried to do our part.

Why did you choose the particular setting/military branch for your story?
This setting was where I served during my time in the Army.  It was a unique place and time, and while I did realize it then, I really only came to realize just how special it was as time went on.
Do you have a favorite military novel, movie or author?

In general, I have a fondness for military themes.  I have a list of favorite movies as long as my arm.  I have no idea how many times I’ve watched “Patton,” “Twelve O’Clock High,” “MASH,” “Pork Chop Hill,” “The Longest Day” and others.  Ernie Pyle’s writings about life in World War 2 are moving and powerful.  As a kid, one of my favorite TV shows was “Combat!”  I loved military themes before I served, and I probably love them more now.

Have you written other military-themed stories?

I have written others.  “Ownership,” in Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Peep Show from November 2009, explores the experiences of a young man who is in the process of traveling to basic training.  Lingua Acutus, in Lucy Felthouse’s Uniform Behaviour from November 2010, explores the tension and eventual hooking up of a wisecracking young recruit and strong female drill sergeant who is going through a challenging time in her life.  “Through the Ranks,” at Oysters and Chocolate in January 2010, explores the first time swinging experience of a young couple stationed at the same post and time as was in “The Grunt and the Ditty Bop.”

What are you working on now and where can we find out more about you?

I am working on a fantasy novel set in an ancient world.  It is a story set in a place that I imagined as a kid, and the story has been growing and developing since.  I’ve written countless drafts and supporting information for it over the years, and I recently awoke to the realization that it is time to finish it!  It is a very exciting place to be.  I have a blog where I talk about writing and my life at just-craig.blogspot.com.



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